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HSE Policy / Discipline Action Policy

HSE rules and regulations of Sterling Group apply to all employees within the company’s premises, on work sites, and while undertaking official duties outside the company’s premises. These rules and regulations also apply to off-duty employees within the company’s premises and on work sites to the extent that their presence directly affects their safety or safety of others.

A list of offences, by no means exhaustive or limited to, that may cause the need for disciplinary action is as follows:

Construction of Concrete Blocks Production FacilityDesign & Construction of Sangachal Catering FacilityConstruction of  10 Epidemiological Monitoring StationsDrum Store Erection and Fit-OutInstallation Works of Electrical, Instrumentation & Telecommunication Systems for BTC pipeline pump stationsOffice Refurbishment at GaradaghConstruction of Concrete Batching Plant and Hard Standing AreaDesign, Fabrication and Erection of Administration BuildingProduced Water Filtration Equipment Slab ConstructionPSN Office ConstructionPig Receiver Facilities UpgradeCutting Holes in Existing Reinforced Concrete SlabISAT Security Upgrades of U.S. Embassy