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Projects / Construction of Concrete Blocks Production Facility

Project name: Construction of Concrete Blocks Production Facility

Client name: “Keystone” Ltd

Location: Mushvigabad - Sahil highway 6th km, Garadagh region, Baku, Azerbaijan

Starting date: February 2011

Completion date: March 2012

Contract type: Design, Engineering, Procurement, Construction & Project Management.

Scope of work: Erection of workshop area of 1300 square meters, inert materials storage area, purchase of equipment for production, communication works. 

Project overview: Concrete Blocks Production Facility will produce concrete wall and partition blocks, sledged fine blocks (crushed stone), curbs and slabs. These products will be used for walling, partitions, basements, decorative fences and residential, barn and industrial buildings.

The Facility territory composes 2 hectares.

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